Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Tour o' the lochs

Tour o' the lochs, I'm including that well known loch in Arbroath, Keptie Pond which I never visit unless I've got a few minutes left at the end of a day.

I started at Backwater Dam and only saw one bird a Buzzard, but as expected Lintrathen produced much more and from photos of a flock of Chaffinches I confirmed there were at least two Bramblings with them. Alos seen, Red-legged Partridges, Wigeon, Whooper Swans, a Jay, Coots and Goldeneye.

This bird at Kinnordy had me a bit puzzled as it was out of place and out of context, a Kittiwake!

A 1st winter Kittiwake, well lost at Kinnordy. It should surely be at sea or along the coast. It landed a bit far out and to the right of the Gullery Hide then drifted out of sight

Since the "young mums" and "old codgers" have learned to feed the birds at Keptie Pond with seed it has made a difference to the birds that come in as the gulls don't hoover up everything. The Collared Dove is one of a pair seen in the late sun or golden hour


This kind of light lasted only a few minutes if that. One of 11 Goosanders benefitting from the clear out of weed from the pond allowing them to catch the abundant Roach

One of the female Goosanders

There's always a Grey Heron around at Keptie Pond

After the sun was at its best we got this blue light on this Black-headed Gull

Bored at Kinnordy I started taking photos of anything that moved and this Greylag was an obvious target

Mute Swan, taken while I was waiting for the Bittern to appear, it didn't

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