Monday, 19 March 2018

Black Redstart at the Old Brewhouse

The Black Redstart found by Keith on Sunday hung around all day on Monday and could be seen from behind the Old Brewhouse where the Brothock Burn enters the sea. The bird was best viewed by sitting on an old table near the fish merchants where it flitted along the beach sometimes disappearing into the backyards of the seaside houses. Please don't go peering into people's yards and if you wait long enough it might even land nearby.

Black Redstart male on the shingle just to the east/north of the Old Brewhouse in Arbroath

Hopping down to catch an insect before resuming its perch

Oystercatcher at Inchcape Park, Arbroath

Only three Purple Sandpipers and they're beginning to show some breeding plumage

Ringed Plover also at Inchcape

Damned difficult birds to photograph these Rock Pipits

One of the many Wigeon still at East Haven

Not sure which species this Carrion Crow is eating at East Haven

The stormy water at Monikie must have been washed onto very cold grasses on the Island Pond and froze to create these icicles

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