Sunday, 25 March 2018

The reluctant gardener.....

I have a "wildlife garden", it's my excuse for almost never tending to it but even I have to trim back the wilderness from time to time. Today was one of these days but there was always something else to distract me and a camera nearby. At the end of the day, more like a couple of hours, a thought came into my head that I'd never seen Long-tailed Tits at all in the garden and weirdly tonight just before dusk a pair turned up! Must try that tomorrow with something rare. Yesterday we had another uncommon visitor, I think only twice before, a Magpie turned up.

Sparrowhawk, the first bird that flew past as I had a coffee break. I then had to wait ages for the song birds to return

First butterfly this year, a Red Admiral

The ever present Tree Sparrow, around 14 still visiting daily

Two males and two females are disputing the garden and feers

Just the one pair of Blue Tits

Male Chaffinch lit up by the sun

My grandad fed a Herring Gull daily, sometimes it would take fish scraps from his hand. I'm not continuing the tradition

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