Monday, 28 May 2018

St Cyrus NNR - Dolphins and Moths

Monday is "go for a walk day" and today it was St Cyrus where we saw the first Cinnabar Moths of the year, Whitethroats, Stonechats, Sedge Warblers, Reed Buntings and Ravens. At one point I had a photo of what looked like a Yellow Wagtail, they say the camera doesn't lie.The bird was being lit by the sunlight reflecting off the gorse, it's back looked green the underparts a strong yellow, the tail was short but the legs were pink and not black as they should be. Goes to show that without a photo, as I couldn't see it well into the sun, it nearly became a report in error.

Cinnabar Moth at St Cyrus NNR

One of eight Bottle-nosed Dolphins well offshore putting on a display which I couldn't get even with the Tamron 600mm

I also had splashes, photos of tails and confused shots

My garden has become over-run by Starlings making a huge racket with the youngsters demanding food from parents almost constantly

Plenty of leather-jackets and more

I said "feed me"

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