Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Ducklings and Little Ringed Plovers

Politics moved to below the photos.

I had a long look at the Lurgies on Wednesday while waiting for the tide to bring birds up the basin which it did, but nothing of great interest or rarity. I probably should have gone back in the evening as the tide receded. Moving inland later I checked if the Little Ringed Plovers had fledged any young as they are getting close but none yet in or near the protected nest.

Mallard with 12 ducklings, but how many will she manage to keep from the ever increasing numbers of Great Black-backed Gulls waiting for the Eider ducklings to be brought down to the water

Probably the last two Mergansers to pair up, they are always later than the ducks

The male Little Ringed Plover at our local site benefitting from the protective cage which has kept the nest and eggs safe despite persistent attention from crows but it does leave the nest on each occasion

The colour rings are more clearly seen in this photo taken just after the cloud moved in

The first photo I've got of a Tree Sparrow in my garden for some time now, they have been coming in but are very flighty and spooked by the noisy Starlings

If it wasn't "just a Feral Pigeon" more people would give these more attention, just look at the colours on the neck and the red/orange eye

The world is watching and it's an embarrassment for Scotland, the Scottish Government and the SNH. Click here to read a conservationists blog  

Japanese Conservationists to help with Raven Cull?? Click here for full article

The predation of Tern chicks by sheep. Click here
R.W. FURNESS Applied Ornithology Unit, Department of Zoology,
University of Glasgow,
Glasgow G12 8QQ, UK

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