Thursday, 9 November 2017

Long-tailed Duck, Smew and Little Egret

A tip off led me to Kinnaber Links where a Long-tailed Duck was said to be on the river and after the long walk from the Charleston turn off parking I was relieved to find it still there. To start with it didn't venture at all near me despite me sitting below the horizon on the wet sand. Fortunately a walker on the other bank scared it towards me and I got these photos as it flew off upstream. The promised Smew photos are below but given the distance they're nothing but a record. Also today at the Lurgies a welcome return from one of the Little Egrets.

Little Egret video, click here                       Long-tailed Duck video, click here

Long-tailed Duck

Little Egret from the Lurgies

I accidentally deleted a Red-throated Diver photo from Kinnaber so this Lunan Bay one will do!

Smew female ( Red-head ) at Kinnordy, from the Gullery Hide

Smaller than the Goldeneye it has teamed up with

Whooper Swan at the mouth of the Slunks, Montrose Basin

This Coot and others below are from Keptie Pond, taken late in the day recently and while the sun still shone

Jackdaw, eating seed provided by visitors who seem to have taken the advice at the pond and stopped feeding bread to the birds


Black-headed Gull. I'll need a miracle to get a photo of the ring number

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