Saturday, 27 May 2017

Spoonbills, Little Ringed Plover and a lonely Cygnet

A rare visit by two 1st summer Spoonbills which are currently still at Montrose Basin today Saturday 27/5/2017. Last report said they were again on Miss Erskine's Bank where the photo below shows them, which was taken from the Lurgies path. Also below a Little Ringed Plover sitting tight on three eggs after the pair had spent a few minutes seeing off a Black-headed Gull which is a threat to these tiny plovers.

Spoonbills feeding, click here for video                       

Two minutes of the Little Ringed Plovers distracting the gull from their nest, click here,

Spoonbills resting during high tide, previously they had been feeding in a channel near Maryton Ditch

Little Ringed Plover

Late Black-tailed Godwits

Grey Heron on what has become a roost, originally two birds looked to be about to nest but it's a busy place at Keptie Pond, Arbroath and I suspect that's why they abandoned it as a nest

The male Swan at Keptie who has been looking after the wee fella below while his partner continued a fruitless wait on remaining eggs for about two weeks. Today she has left the nest and joined the male and cygnet

An only child, sure to be spoilt, aawwhh....

Still a few Tufted drakes around, a species that does better at keeping ducklings from the gulls than the mallards

Jackdaw on the beach at Easthaven where only a few waders are passing through now. Other birds on the beach at high tide were Herring Gulls, Carrion Crows and Rooks feeding on the strand line

Full of cheek and character, well I think so. More of the Starlings causing a din in my garden

Feed me!

Accidental arty photo.............

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The great House Sparrow, Tree Sparrow mystery.......

Not many new birds around and nearly all of the waders have left or gone through with new arrivals now nesting they are more difficult see and I'm avoiding disturbing birds which will likely be sitting on a clutch or feeding chicks. My Corn Bunting surveys have started and already I've seen a 100% increase in singing males on one farm, numbers went from 1 to 2!

I've tried very hard to find out what has happened with the House Sparrow/Tree Sparrow pair and have watched and photographed many young sparrows and to date I haven't seen any young that look like hybrid or tree sparrow. It looked like that just before fledging that the Tree Sparrow disappeared but the female House Sparrow continued visiting the nest and other sparrows were seen listening to the chicks calling. I'll be keeping a watch on the nest site to see if the House Sparrow nests again but without any further evidence at this time it remains a mystery.

Meadow Pipit on the track to Scurdie Ness, Montrose

Shelduck on Montrose Basin

Still a few late Ringed Plover and Dunlin heading northwards along the coast

Grey Heron which was preening at the Old Harbour, Montrose Basin

Numbers of Greylag Geese at the Basin now around 26

Only the second time I've seen a Magpie in my garden in Arbroath which was chased off by the Starlings

Good to see a Coal Tit must be nesting close to home, a Blue Tit is also seen daily

House Sparrow drying out after one of this weeks showers

One of around 20 young House Sparrows creating havoc on my feeders and elsewhere

The Sparrows like the millet Olive continues to temp the budgie with!

Adult male House Sparrow

Tree Sparrow

Female budgie, still holding its own in the street and becoming increasingly confident