Friday, 6 April 2018

Little Ringed Plovers - more migrants soon

Back to the cold and wind today which made photographing the Little Ringed Plovers at Montrose Basin almost impossible especially handheld photos.

Return of the Little Plovers at Montrose Basin. This one has rings on both legs, hopefully clear enough for ID. I checked Murton NR but didn't see any more LRP's or Sand Martins but the warmer forecast will no doubt deliver the spring migrants over the weekend

The other bird of what I think is a pair, no leg rings

One of the Dippers on the Brothock Burn, a second pair were not far upstream and another is likely above that territory

Collared Dove, Keptie Pond, one of the pair that's been around most of the winter

Song Thrush, one of three in a small area at Keptie

The elusive Stock Dove is becoming less wary and coming to seed left by the duck feeders

Flying back to its roost on the island

I hope this means nesting on the island. The first time I've seen a second bird

Greenfinch taken in a coffee break in my garden

The recent ADBC trip concluded with good views of the Black Redstart, made all the better by the sun. The Iceland Gull also performed for the group but everyone has seen more than enough photos of it!

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