Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Scaup and a Sparrowhawk quandary

The weather hasn't been good, you might have noticed. I suffered at Maryton Ditch as long as I could where a flock of Redshanks of at least 800 birds flew in, I had a short look at the Lurgies, then retreated to Arbroath.

The long-staying female Scaup at Keptie Pond

Clear view of the nail on the bill

Now becoming a real problem in my garden and although the light was poor and the photo was through the window, I'm wondering if this is a different bird from one I've photographed recently in sunlight. More work required by Olive on that, she's my spotter.

Goosander, still a bit camera shy, if it wasn't so cold I'd have sat in the bushes with a tripod

Just the three drakes on the pond

Two photos of drake Wigeon, taken in different light in between sleet showers

The Coots are getting more aggressive to each other so I'll have to remove the teleconverter and try for some action shots

Curlew photographed through a hole in a fence at the Old Harbour, it was deliberating if I was a threat

Dunlin at Maryton Ditch, part of a flock of over 100

House of Dun, photo from Maryton Ditch

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